Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cheesy Sausages

Okay , I thought Id share this with you.....I bought a packet of Sumeru Chicken Cheese sausages ....they are manufactured and packed somewhere in Sri Lanka....and they are terrific starters for when you have unannounced friends dropping in ...or for game nites or for when you are generally feeling like pigging out :))

 They are fast , yummy and look good too.....and they come out of the pan sizzling with cheese bursting out of their insides...

I now like to keep a pack in my freezer always .....I hope you try it and like it

I cook them with a little oil in a non stick pan and add a crack of pepper and some  Italian seasoning for nice flavour .

Available at all leading departmental stores

500g for Rs. 250 has around 25 mini cocktail sausages :)

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  1. hi aditi,


    ek to you write so well and then yr recipes!accompanied by beautiful pictures. WOW!! well done and keep it up. I am going to try them out for sure. kiran mami