Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Martin Hotel - Colaba , Bombay

New Martin Hotel is this 65ish year old small hole in the wall Goan restaurant tucked away in the lane opposite  Strand cinema towards the far end of Colaba Causeway.

I was so happy to find this place .....else whenever we were in South Bombay we would invariably eat at Leopold or Baghdad or Mondegar . This place serves seriously good Goan food at seriously good prices :))

Walking into this little 5 table restaurant is like walking back into time .....cream colored walls with paint peeling off written on a blackboard on the wall ....sunmica covered tables and chairs.....

We tried the Fish curry rice ( Rs 70) and the Prawn Pulav ( Rs 80)

Excellent Fish curry and the Prawn Pulav was one of the best iv eaten so far ...very flavorful with tiny little prawns......

This place is very famous for its Beef Steak Fry ...but I dont eat beef so if you do you must try it.
I was so surprised to see our bill ...amazing that we had such a fabulous meal for so little that too on Colaba Causeway

And for dessert they have really goood Custard and Jelly for some reason we dint order any and instead walked to Kailash Parbat for Cham Cham :))

New Martin Hotel

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