Thursday, 26 April 2012

Best ever French toast

I love favourite meal of the day....because I can eat something sweet and get away with it ...not to mention the sugar rush after eating something like this!

French toast is one of those meals that always hits the spot--whether you're having it for  breakfast, or whipping some up for a midnight snack.........

Innocent enough ingredients ...that come together to make your mornings magical :))

  Totally worth waking up to or eating rite before bed  or in the middle of the night :D

Making a skinny version of a French toast is illegal you cant do that to such a classic this has to be eaten this way or no way at all! It needs all the butter ....full fat milk...cream....needs to be drowned in maple syrup or honey ....theres no other way !

**Completely addictive**

                                         Best ever French Toast 

Serves : 1

Day old bread : 1 fat slice * ( Read note below)

1 egg

A big dash of cinnamon

Nealry 1/4th teaspoon vanilla essence 
3 tablespoons full fat milk preferably with lots of malai in it 

3 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons butter 

Strawberries , slivered almonds , slices bananas to garnish

Maple syrup / honey 

Beat egg with cinnamon, vanilla essence , milk and sugar till everything is combined well

Dip you fat slice of bread into the batter for 20 seconds on each side making sure you coat the bread slice well!

Heat butter in a pan once it melts .....put your bread slice into the pan cook about 3 minutes per side.

Serve hot ....after garnishing with almonds , strawberries and banana slices.

Drown in maple syrup.....dust with icing sugar if you like.

Hold your breath....take your first bite! Experience the sugar high .... 

Then begin to breath normally again :))

And remember happy breakfasts make happy mornings :D 

* Note : Try and get bread thats not sliced so you can cut a really thick slice out yourself for some seriously good french toast  or use Brioche bread if you can manage to find some!

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