Thursday, 17 November 2011

Delhi Kitchen

The air heavy with fragrant spices mixing with smoke emanating from the tandoor its easy to follow the aromas all the way to Delhi Kitchen as it stands tucked away behind over grown bamboo trees.Delhi Kitchen is everything it claims to be – your best bet for Delhi style food in Pune.

It’s a place a lot of people discover in their student days when pockets are light but appetites are huge and they continue to come back even after their student days are over. Its a small little joint not very old but very popular .
Basic plastic chairs and tables , but the food is great comes to your table fast and hot and the staff has a smile on their faces – I guess that’s what one needs every once in a while.
Clearly the food is the winner at this place . What is strongly recommended are the succulent , perfectly spiced Pahadi kebabs( Rs 100) served with a generous sprinkling of chaat masala , just a crack of pepper and near perfect sliced onions.

For the main course there are phulkas that come to your table steaming hot ready to mop up flavourful curries I recommend everything on the menu right from Palak Paneer (Rs 60) to Chicken Adraki (Rs 90) .

Desserts on offer range from hot and soft gulabjamuns (Rs 30) that are just like those nanima made at home and chilled creamy kheer (Rs 30). Desserts run out pretty soon so you may not be lucky always.
Delhi kitchen is an honest place with honest prices and generous portion sizes with a great offering for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. People who mind eating in modest settings have the option of taking away.
All in all it’s a must try for anyone who appreciates home style North –Indian fare.
Delhi Kitchen
Kotbagi Hospital Lane
Aundh , Pune

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cutting Chai - My way


Remember when you were young and you really wanted to grow up and do grown up things ....I remember that feeling and also remember throwing a tantrum every time mom said I couldnt have tea because tea was for grown ups and not for 7 year olds like me.

So after repeated performances of throwing my head back falling on the floor and kicking my legs all round I guess my mother got sick of me and decided to fix this once and for all !

She did give me tea but as you will discover in a bit there are no tea leaves in this recipe ...its more like a herbal infusion and boy did it make me feel good and grown up and responsible and prim and proper all at once :))

Growing up in Dehradoon this herbal infusion had many benefits .....ofcourse it prevented me from embarrassing my mother in front of her friends - all she had to do when tea was served was to tell me that I could go home and have my very own cup of grown up "tea", so I dint need to do my very special performance:)) !Winters were cold in Doon and while growing up cough and cold were dear friends of this herbal "tea" helped soothe sore throats as well!

To this day I dont drink tea or coffee ....I think my "tea" tastes better than the real deal .....

So today I thought I'd steal a little time for myself and stop and do something I havent done in a long an old school friend I havent spoken to in 10 years and make me a cup of tea my way!

Hearbal "Tea"

Basil leaves
1" piece of cinnamom
2 cloves
2 whole pepper corns
1 green cardamom
Lemon grass leaves/ stalks

Combine all of the above with water . Boil for 5- 7 minutes . Strain. Sweeten with honey.

Did I mention brewing this will make your kitchen smell like lemon grassy- cinammony heaven!