Monday, 26 March 2012

Santosh Bakery

Started in 1968 by Mr Narayan Shelke Santosh Bakery is an extremely popular small little bakery that clings on to the edge of Apte Road . A typical day at this bakery starts early and busy will always see a crowd of people outside this place eating delicious veggie puffs and cream rolls .....

And as you pay at  the counter , you can actually see the warm glow of the wood fired oven ....yes they still use one of those and maybe thats why everything tastes so good? No automation here not a single machine ....everythings still done by hand .

Must try : Cream Roll & Veg Puff

             Santosh Bakery 

1202/14G, Apte Road,
Shivaji nagar,Pune-411004
Landline:(020) 65231469

7 am - 1 pm 
4pm - 9 pm 

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