Saturday, 18 August 2012

Eid Mubarak and Iftar Celebrations!

Ramzan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is observed as a month of fasting .......fasting is endured from dawn to sunset ......according to Islam there are rewards to be reaped from fasting but in the holy month of ramadan rewards are believed to be multiplied!

Close to sunset at around  4 pm  the fun begins as people start coming to make shift food bazars to pick up food to take home to break their fasts!

Entire streets get converted into floodlit buffet markets...buzzing with people , smoke from the tandoor as kebabs sizzle and crackle on open charcoal flames.

One such street is Kausar Baug , near NIBM . From the outside it all looks a little too crowded and gastronomically risky....but the adventurous eater that I am I couldnt resist!

So with mineral water and hand sanitizer in tow off I went  ......and this is what I saw

Yummiest ever Chicken biryani ( Rs 65/)

Shahee Tukra 
Lauki Ka Halwa

The BEST part of the night!  Salim Bhai's Halwa Paratha die for!!!!! ( Rs 120/kg)

By the end of the evening I ended up being good friends with Salim Bhai because the whole time we were there I just kept going
back for more and more. The halwa is a regular sooji ka halwa but it tastes fantastic ...I normally stay away from anything that is such a bright shade of orange .....he obviously uses artificial food color but its so fantastic when eaten with this ginormously huuugeee paratha thats flaky with so many layers. The halwa is kept warm by coals that burn under the lovely silver tray and decorated with tuti-fruity and makhane and dessicated coconut and overly sweetened  cherries :))

So Salim Bhai is an absoulte pro when it comes to halwa paratha ...hes been doing this for around 30 years he couldnt really remeber exactly how many years when I asked him and this is all he does after Ramzan he will take a break for 10-15 days n then set up his stall in Bombay and from there to other cities in India! Thats a pretty cool job and lots of good karma what with selling such insanely good food!

So this is how the parathas made ....

Thats me with my new friend :)))


        Heart Attack on a plate! Malpura deep fried stuffed with egg and topped with Rabri

       Eid Mubarak!


  1. aditi, nice pics. RECIPE of halwa parantha please . i had yr strawberry lemonade at shalu's. was amazing !!!! good luck and keep writing. do well.

  2. love ur blog
    here is the sunshine award for u

  3. The way he is holding it up over the hot oil ..... looks very risky....but then he knows his job.
    There was a time when we used to look forward to Eid..... just to have the reasonably rated good food.