Friday, 7 September 2012

Anti-oxidant Hibiscus Juice shot

I am a teenie weenie bit vain so when a drink promises radiant skin and anti-ageing benefits it must feature in my day!

Well , jokes apart Hibiscus flower has been used for centuries in Asia and in the Caribbean in teas and other drinks. Also used as a medicinal aid the hibiscus flower is known to have several health benefits like lowering blood pressure etc.

Vendors selling a deep red sweet iced tea called  Agua Fresca (hibiscus tea) in opean air markets in Mexico is a common sight.

Hibiscus flowers contain high levels of anti-oxidants including flavanoids ....the same stuff found in red wine :))

Hibiscus flowers contain 17% more anthocyanins ( anti-oxidants) ....simply put the good stuff that makes your skin glow and helps fight ageing :)))  .....than other juices!

Tastes so refreshing ........a berry like taste with slight flowery undertones ... I dont know about the health benefits but I know every time I have this I feel a spike in my energy levels ....:))))

So here it is ......

For 1 Glass you need

Petals of 2 hibiscus flowers - washed 
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1.5 - 2 tsp honey

In the smallest attachment of your mixer add washed flower petals along with lemon juice. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Grind with a little water till you get a beautiful concentrate all ruby red and pretty ...should look like this......

Add a glass of water .

Stir in some honey and drink to good health :))

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  1. Hi Aditi, Thank you so much for visiting the Runner Girl's Kitchen :)) you have a lovely space here!
    So ur from Pune... great I am from Pune too a pakka Puneri girl, moved to Bangalore some time back, so good to meet another blogger from my city!
    Coming to your post, when I was a kid my mother an Ayurveda fan used to roast hibiscus in ghee and feed to us, supposed to be very medicinal!! This shot is something very often had in the middles east if I am not mistaken. Thanks for sharing and definitely coming back here more often :).BTW nice name for the blog!

  2. I have heard about it, read about it but never really tried it! Will surely try your Hibiscus juice shot.
    First time here. You have a nice space and an equally nice name to your blog.

    1. Thank -you for stopping by Shobha and for leaving your lovely comment!you have a lovely blog too! And you just found a new follower :)))

  3. I have heard a lot of benifits of hibiscus and this looks perfect.. Loving the color of the shot.. I guess I've got to give it a try!!


  4. New to me. i've never tried.. first time in ur lovely space. cute blog and u look very pretty :)

  5. hey aditi, its so nice i found ur blog, n that u r from pune. I am from Mumbai bt settled in the States now. this looks like a healthy potion.
    i must say u r looking lovely in the pics, glad to hav found another foodie :)
    following u now, follow me bac if u like :)

  6. Great recipe!! Have you used the fresh hibiscus petals for these? the color is stunning! The Hibiscus tea as in the Caribbeans is not the the Hibiscus we think in India though. They are the Roselle flowers (Gongura in the South India), and roselle is a specis of Hibiscus. I have had drinks from the roselle (Flor de Jamaica as it is called), but never squeezed out this one! and we had so many in our home in India. Will it be slightly slimy after grinding it?

  7. Thank u so much for ur lovely comments on my blog!! M following you now.. Looking fwd to some more of healthy and tasty recipes from u.
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  8. great post!! your blog is great!! i follow you now :)
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    kisses pretty

  9. Really interesting stuff..:) Really amazed me..