Sunday, 11 November 2012

Diwali 2012

The warm glow of diyas , the twinkle of fairy lights , the power of devotion and all night card parties ....It's that time of the year again .....the time for friends , festivities and fabulous food......Happy Diwali .... May Goddess Lakshmi bless you with abundance and prosperity all year long ....

I love the build up to Diwali.......

This year was special ...... my most favorite of my mothers friends Darshan Aunty and I made some amazing Diwali specials .... I was lucky I got to be her kitchen helper and in return I got to sample and take back some amazing traditional Diwali specials......

Let me tell you a little about Darshan aunty ....she is the warmest most generous person I know mother and aunty have known each other a long long time young Army wives they were neighbors in Udhampur , Jammu even before I was born so its a friendship spanning decades ..:)

Mrs Darshan Kalsy 

Watching her work in the kitchen is like a dream .....she makes the hardest things seem so simple and is so sweet about sharing recipes and making sure to give me all details so  I can replicate the recipes in my kitchen also!

She is super systematic and keeps a beautiful well stocked kitchen ......I have such a good time hanging out in her kitchen she even pauses ever so often so I can take pictures :)

Here is a sneak peak of all we made ...............

Shakar Paare

Gud / Jaggery Paare

Melt in your mouth gujjiyas.....



  1. Hi Aditi!

    Looks like you enjoyed the celebrations well. =D I wish you and your family a belated happy Diwali!

    I have seen some of these sweets before and I had the chance to taste some as well but i can see that I still have loads to learn. What you call gujjyas is a typical goan christmas sweet here. The gud looks so appetizing right now, you should send me some over. By the way, the other day I was wondering where you were actually staying, are you in goa?

  2. Happy Diwali! You made shakkar paray from scratch! wowwwww! I would love to cook with someone like Darshan Aunty :)

    PS - I can't publish my name for some reason, but I'm Nadia from :)

  3. Happy Belated Diwlai.. I loved the goodies u and Darshan aunty made :) I would have loved to be a part of it more in eating than cooking:P

  4. I can imagine how Darshan Aunty is. There are a few people like that in everyone's life who we can never forget. Reminds me of Mrs Kelkar who was our neighbour in Mumbai when I was in school. I was used to be 24x7 in her house during Diwali (so that I could have all the sweets that she used to make) Such a warm person.
    Those Kranajis look perfect.