Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fish Curry Rice

I like  love sea -food . I could eat fish curry for breakfast , crabs for lunch and prawn pulao for dinner! You get the picture Im sure :)

 And all the research in recent years only furthers my love for all things fishy!
 "Seafood is likely the single most important food one can consume for good health " read about the entire research done at   Harvard School of Public Health  here 


Omega 3 fatty acids found in sea food cuts down your risk of heart disease, helps in early brain development ,Okay ,thats only for infants not for me...... Gives you great skin , hair and nails so its still a good thing for me also!

There have been times when I have been tempted to drive to Goa just so I could get fresh crabs and tisrya masala.

Somehow I just never liked the sort of sea food served at restaurants in Pune and I have eaten at them all trust you me!

So , the other day this friend of mine from Bombay , yes for me it will always be Bombay , suggested this little place in Narayan Peth!I had my doubts , I was a little nervous , Abhishek is a little picky about where he eats and I have taken him to some real wierd places where they serve real wierd food and then he goes on about it for the next million years......anyway so I had my fingers crossed!

And is this place awsome or what??
For all sea food lovers in Pune ...this is IT!Now we wont need to drive to Bombay or Goa just to eat !Its a simple sort of place with awesome sort of food .........

The man behind it all Sandesh Bhat , by far hes the friendliest restraunteur  I have met in all my years ! He is always around ....always smiling , always ready to chat and always ready to tell you about the specials of the day !Sandesh has put in time at the kitchens in Taj and Oberoi in Bombay and started this restaurant in Poona 2 years ago......

No surprise then that he has huge bunch of very loyal customers , people from bombay and far and wide drop in because this place serves some seriously good food!So this is what we ate ....... 

Surmai Fry

The yummist ever Coconut Garlic Chutney 

Prawn Curry Masala with "Tandudchi Bhakri " - Roti made out of rice flour :))
This place is amazing because it has 20 odd curries so every fish has its own very distinct very flavorful curry ...apart from prawn /surmai/pomfret/bangda fish curry even chicken sukha masala is amazing so is the mutton on offer here ........

The various curries at this place 
And vegetarians need not feel left out this place makes some great palak corn and other sabzis .....they have a cyclic vegetarian menu so its different food everyday of the week!
Some of the Konkani vegetarian dishes on offer......

On special days theres also prawn pulao thats to die for!

So  I hope you like this place as much as I do :))

Fish Curry Rice
Next to Kanya Pathshala
Narayan Peth
# 9011010102
Its a good idea to call before you go because they are closed on mondays and also on Sankashti which is on a different day every month!


  1. This sounds like a great place to go.

    So no more Goa... Drat... well one must still go to that place for the cheap booze ...;-))

    Aditi, What about the pricing ?

    Will ask you for directions

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