Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cutting Chai - My way


Remember when you were young and you really wanted to grow up and do grown up things ....I remember that feeling and also remember throwing a tantrum every time mom said I couldnt have tea because tea was for grown ups and not for 7 year olds like me.

So after repeated performances of throwing my head back falling on the floor and kicking my legs all round I guess my mother got sick of me and decided to fix this once and for all !

She did give me tea but as you will discover in a bit there are no tea leaves in this recipe ...its more like a herbal infusion and boy did it make me feel good and grown up and responsible and prim and proper all at once :))

Growing up in Dehradoon this herbal infusion had many benefits .....ofcourse it prevented me from embarrassing my mother in front of her friends - all she had to do when tea was served was to tell me that I could go home and have my very own cup of grown up "tea", so I dint need to do my very special performance:)) !Winters were cold in Doon and while growing up cough and cold were dear friends of this herbal "tea" helped soothe sore throats as well!

To this day I dont drink tea or coffee ....I think my "tea" tastes better than the real deal .....

So today I thought I'd steal a little time for myself and stop and do something I havent done in a long an old school friend I havent spoken to in 10 years and make me a cup of tea my way!

Hearbal "Tea"

Basil leaves
1" piece of cinnamom
2 cloves
2 whole pepper corns
1 green cardamom
Lemon grass leaves/ stalks

Combine all of the above with water . Boil for 5- 7 minutes . Strain. Sweeten with honey.

Did I mention brewing this will make your kitchen smell like lemon grassy- cinammony heaven! 


  1. Aditi- this is a really lovely recipe. my friend is quite into ayruveda- i shall forward this to her, i am sure it will appeal to her. and i shall try it too, sounds delicious. x s

    1. Thank-you! you have no idea how happy I am to have you visit my are such an inspiration and Im so glad you found a little something of interest while you were here :)

      You are not a tea-drinker as well must surely try this its wonderful....

      Thank-you again Shayma